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These might be goals to help you cope with changes or gain freedom over stress. You might have a very clear idea of where you want to get to in life.Or, you might just have a vague sense that things could be better. Coaching offers you a personalised development programme.Nearest airport: Edinburgh Airport: 20 minutes (6 miles), Glasgow Airport: 1 hour (52 miles) Nearest train station: Haymarket Station: 5 minutes (1.5 miles), Waverley Station: (15 minutes) 5 miles Boarding St George’s has taken full boarding students since 1912, and today our boarders form a very special community at the heart of the school.Approximately 60 girls, ranging in nationality and age from 10 to 18, live in Houldsworth House.We are a small group of women who meet every other Thursday for coffee and cakes in different locations in Edinburgh. Depending on the weather and health of individuals, we go for short walks.The group is comprised of women of all ages and from all different walks of life, but who have quickly formed a very caring social group.The great thing about this job was that I got to change people’s attitudes and right the wrongs they had experienced first time around in the education system.While her husband, the former England captain, is one of the most talented stars of the past decade, with a rumoured £82 million fortune to boot, it turns out he's no help at all around the home.

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She tells Marissa Burgess that if you don’t find her funny, you can always blame dad It’s a brave move going into comedy when your dad is John Cleese, but if you’re currently thinking that the offspring of celebrities get an unfair break because of their bloodline, you can forget that now.

Although I have coached informally since 1994 (student pastoral care), I began seeing my first private coaching clients in late 2004.